He tells us not to worry!

Living in South Africa makes it normal to have a heart full of worries about your health, finances, family or future? Even when all is well, some people still worry because they have heard others say, “Have you heard the news today? Have you heard how many companies close? Have you heard about the robbery and farm murders?” So they worry about all types of things.

But Jesus does not want you to worry about what you will eat or drink, or about your body and what you will put on your back. He tells you not to worry about your daily provisions because God, who is your heavenly Father, knows that you need all these things and He wants to add these things to you. (Matthew 6:32–33)

God is the same God who took care of the children of Israel in the wilderness, feeding them with manna every day for 40 years! (Exodus 16) Under His care, His people had no lack. When the people wanted meat for dinner, He simply rained quails on them. (Numbers 11:31–32) The children of Israel only had to pick them up. If they had gone to look for meat themselves, they probably would not have found any in the desert.

I have notice lately that a lot of Gods people are without hope. There is a lot of people asking me “Pastor Lydia please pray for me, please help me, please prophesied over me, a lot of people is hurt and sit and worry the hole day long. My friend you don’t need to worry any more! Believe, your God will not leave you!

We need to have the faith in the Word of God; we need to read the Word of God. Remember God said “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. You need to open your bible and read form it. Get into the habit of reading your bible.

The truth is that Jesus understands the problems we face in life. In fact, He faced what I would call the “final problem”—death. Death is the “final problem” because it puts an end to all our other problems. Jesus faced death at the cross, conquered it and rose from the dead. And because He conquered the problem of problems, we can trust Him when He tells us not to worry!




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