Fighting storms nobody knows about!

Dot take the presents of the storm to indicate the absence of God. Sometimes when you enter into a storm and there are all kind of storms, health storms, physical storms, financial storms, emotional storms they’re are all kinds of storms.

I’m not talking about the storms that rain down water, and the lightning and the thunder and all of that. I am talking about storms that other people cant see!!

Undetectable storms, storms that make people think that you haven’t been through anything, because you get up out of bed every morning and put your hair up, and put your makeup on. And they don’t know you put your smile on just like you did your makeup and walked in smiling because you are going through a secret storm.

See when you go into a visible storm somebody will hand you an umbrella or a raft or some help for some assistance because they are aware of your suffering, but when you are going through a secret storm there is no comfort there because nobody knows what you are dealing with. You cant even sleep at night, you got so much pressure

When we get in a storm we have a tendency to wonder… WHERE IS GOD? Job said “I looked for God” He was here a minute ago but now I cant find Him. Where is God in the storm? We think that if God is with us, we would have no storms, if GOD is with us we would be happy, if God is with us everything would go SMOOTHLY, we will have no family problems, no bills to pay!! Job said I can figure out how God could my kids die and God be with me. I looked for Him and did not see HIM

The thing is….. You cannot see in the storm! That is why He told you to walk by faith and not by sight, you cannot see in a storm, don’t look for God to be sensual in your storm!

He will not appeal to your senses, your senses add to your comfort God will not make you comfortable in your storm. Just because you are presents in a storm that does not indicate the absence of God.

The bible says He is the very present help in the time of trouble (God is our refuge and strength)

If you are looking for God…..

He is in THE STORM

He may not be saying anything, you may find him asleep on the boat, but don’t think He jumped the boat.

He is with you in the storm, when you pass through waters, “Ill be with you”

You may not see Me, you may not feel Me, you may not sense Me but I tell you that all the while you stroking in the water you are not stroking alone!

If you are looking for God…..

He is in THE STORM


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