A Visit to Hell!

Before I start to share my horrible visit to hell, I tried to get as much pictures as possible to show you what I saw!

Viewer discretion is advised warning!

I have been in the lake of fire, around me I saw what looked like mountains and I was in the lawa and it was a river of lawa. I looked at my hand the flesh of my body was dripping from my skeleton. What a weird feeling. When all my flesh was dripped off from my body due to the fire (lawa), I saw the worms crawl through my bones. This was a awful feeling!






As I saw this I said to the Lord, GOD I must be dreaming because I don’t feel the pain. This must be a dream. I asked the Lord to explain to me what it would feel like if I felt the pain for real?1688-0.jpg

Now this is how God explained it to me. Please don’t try it as it is only a explanation of how God it trying to make my mind understand what the pain would feel like.


God said, if you put a pot on the stove and put oil in. Leave it for an hour or two at max heat. After 2 hours put your hand in the pot. I can just imagine the pain as I have been burned by hot stove oil before.

The pain never ends as when you burn with oil and you try to put it under cold water the pain carries on.

I just felt and knew the pain never stopped, you feel pain the hole time. As my mind was open (I just knew this) I saw a woman next to me. She was a Muslim women. I saw her skeleton and she looked just like me. Only skeleton and flesh!

God said to me ” There is only one way to heaven and that is through my Son Jesus Christ.”

I felt it so deeply to warm people about this dream, I thank God not for allowing me to feel the pain. It is very imported to know that this one world religion and Muslim, Buddha, African Gods is wrong and is not the way.

Their is only one way to the Father and that is through Jesus, you must be re-born to see the kingdom of God- through Jesus.


If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me on lydiadreyer7@gmail.com  or +27 82 954 2877 (South Africa)

God bless!

Burning facts to the human body

A third degree burn destroys the entire depth of the skin. It can also damage fat, muscle, organs, or bone beneath the skin. Significant scarring is common. 



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  1. Amen 🙏🏻 That is so true I pray that more people will find the truth🙌🏼Praise the Lord Jesus. And Bless you Lydia I love reading your posts. 🌹🌺

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