Hebrews Chapter 7

Have you ever read the bible and thought to yourself “I have no idea what this is about” Sometimes you need to pull back just a little bit to see the whole picture. The book of Hebrews chapter 7,  is trying to make a single point: That Jesus is superior to any other system of religion including Judaism.  Some Christians came out of Judaism and life is getting hard and they are thinking that maybe they should go back to Judaism as it was easier. The argument here is they are where they have to be as a Christian, don’t go back to Judaism.

Jesus is a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 5:6)melchizedek

Abraham’s nephew Lot gets captured; they overcome and won this massive army. When they came back two kings come out to talk to Abraham, one was Melchizedek King of Salem and the other was the King of Sodom.

When Melchizedek comes out he brings wine and bread, so Abraham gives him tithes. The king of Sodom wants to make Abraham rich and Abraham says no, I want nothing to do with you.

Melchizedek gave bread and wine to refresh a tired Abraham after his battle with the enemy kings. So if Jesus priesthood is according to Melchizedek order then it is one in which we can come boldly into His presence to receive form him! Hebrew 4:16

Moreover, the first word from Melchizedek south was “Blessed” – “Blessed be Abraham” Jesus priesthood is one that blesses and never curses us.

The book of Hebrews chapter 7, tells us that Melchizedek is kind of like Jesus.

  1. He is King and a Priest. This is unique in Judaism this couldn’t happen. You were a king if you were born out of the tribe of Judah and you could become a priest if you were born out of the tribe Levites
  2. Melchizedek had a unique name. His name means” My king is Righteousness”

Now the author is saying look this is a great picture of Jesus, the one who brings Justice and the one who can make you righteousness.

  1. There is no record of Melchizedek mother or father, ancestors, his beginning or his end it is like he remained a priest forever resembling the Son of God.

Remember that Melchizedek did have a mom or dad it is just not mentioned in the bible, we don’t know how he became the King and we don’t know how he became a Priest. We don’t know what happened to him at the end of his journey on earth. What we do know is that he appeared in a very similar way that Jesus did. Jesus was here before Abraham and will be here long after the earth is done.

When Abraham came out here he gave a tithes to Melchizedek, the argument here is you give a tithe to somebody that is superior to you. (The employee does not pay the employer, the employer pays the employee.) The people paid tithes to the Levites and the Levites would send it to Aaron and form Aaron it would go to Abraham. Chain of command, they where honouring Abraham and Abraham paid a tithe to Melchizedek, which means Melchizedek is higher on the order than the Levites, the priesthood of Melchizedek is actually superior to the priesthood of Israel. Melchizedek blessed Abraham this means that he had more authority than Abraham.

Then Hebrews gives us 4 reasons why Jesus is the superior Priest

  1. Jesus was appointed by God. The Levites was born out of Levi and became a Priest.
  2. Jesus brings a better covenant.
  3. Priest serves temporarily, but Jesus serves as Priest forever!
  4. Jesus made a sacrifice that is once and for all.

Reading Hebrews sometimes don’t make any sense, but for the Jews that time it made perfect sense as they were used to life under the priesthoods and offerings of animals.

Just like the Jews being told, don’t go back to that what is comfortable, go to that which can save you. Christians are saying don’t go back to the idée of that your good deeds can save you.  Going back to the old covenant and think you can become righteous by your own doings.

The author is trying to say don’t go back to thinking that you can save you, no there is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus. Sometimes we say” I feel close to God, God understands what I am doing” don’t go there that can’t save you. Go back to the place where Jesus had paid the price for our sins, He alone through His Grace.

The message here is don’t go back to that way of thinking, don’t go back to that way of life understand that Christ has set you free. He has put you in a position that you are no longer a slave to earn the favour of God; you are a child of the High KING!






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