The Amazing in Amazing Grace!

I feel like many believers still don’t understand Grace, true holiness can only come by Grace! You can’t touch grace without touching holiness, because the law could never bring man, a sinful man and a holy God together, Grace is the greatest holiness there is!

The bible says clearly that the Law was given by Moses and Grace and Truth CAME by Jesus Christ (John 1:17) Truth is not on the side of the Law; truth is on the side of Grace.

(Rom 6:14) For sin (noun it is not a verb, sin is an action) shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.

The word dominion is a very powerful word it is the word Kyriarchía in Greek and means lordship; sin will not have lordship over you. Sin will not have dominion over you because you are not under the Law, but under Grace. This is amazing to understand that we are under grace and sin has no POWER, because it is a noun sickness has no power, poverty has no power, and Satan has no power over you.

The only time sin has no power is because we live under Grace. Let’s stop for a while and look at what is Grace and what is Law? The wonderful thing about grace is this: when someone knows his sins are forgiven completely does that make him want to go out and sin? Or does this produce a lovely response to God?

There was a woman caught in adultery and they brought her to Jesus. They were not there to have compassion on the woman they were there to catch Jesus. He preached grace so much they wanted to see how He is going to get out of this one. They wanted to see how he breaks Moses’ law. They asked Him ”Master, Moses said that such should be stoned, what do you say?” What did Jesus say? He didn’t answer them straight away, He knelt down and with His finger He wrote on the ground. Many people don’t understand that the ground at the Temple is not earthly ground it is stony ground so with is finger He wrote on stone. Does this remind you of someone?


Jesus is demonstrating you are telling me the law; I am the one who gave the law to Moses. Then He stood up and gave them the law. “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” The bible says only Jesus and the woman were left.  Did Jesus break the law? No, He upheld it. Was the woman condemned? No, Jesus said to her “…… neither do I condemned you! Go and sin no more”.  The church says it in reverse: Go and sin no more then we won’t condemn you. This is the law!

The power to go and sin no more is in the first verse of Jesus: I don’t condemn you! You have no condemnation because I took your condemnation. When you are under no condemnation you have the power over sin I preach grace because grace is the only antidote for sin, you cannot concur it with own will power, you cannot concur it with discipline you can try for one week and then you fail. The more you try to do this out of your own will the more you will fail. The only way you can concur sin is by GRACE and when you are under grace:

Sin shall not have dominion over you!!!


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